We understand that it’s quite agonizing when you can’t qualify for a standard loan due to a damaged credit. It’s also distressing when you are told to wait for up to 3 years before you can buy a home if you had a foreclosure or bankruptcy. But should it be that way when the issue was temporary? Certainly no. Your solution is portfolio loans and Huron Valley Financial is always ready to help you out of such tricky situations.

What is a Portfolio Loan?

A portfolio loan is a type of mortgage designed to help people who are not eligible for standard loans to get financing. Credit unions, small banks, and other local financial services commonly fund them as they are built more around relationships. People opt for portfolio loans when they have a damaged credit, which can be caused by a divorce, short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, tax lien, accumulated medical bills, or low credit scores.

HVF Construction Advantage Loan

If you are interested in building a custom home, then the HVF Construction Advantage loan is the ideal package for you. With this program, you have two options: a single loan to finance your home construction or two separate homes for home construction and a permanent loan after the completion of the project.

Portfolio Plus Loans

Under this program, we have different packages to provide our customers varied options and to target specific customers. These options include Homebuyers Advantage Loan, Doctors Advantage Loan, Condo Advantage Loan and Jumbo Advantage Loan.

  • Homebuyers Advantage Loan: Pay a down payment of 5% on a home purchase with this loan. There’s no need for monthly private mortgage insurance.
  • Jumbo Advantage Loan: This loan has lower interests thanks to its fixed and adjustable mortgage rates. So, if your Jumbo loan qualifies for this program, you are certain to enjoy reduced interest costs.
  • Doctors Advantage Loan: With this option, medical doctors enjoy up to a $500,000 loan with no down payments. Mortgage insurance is also not necessary.
  • Condo Advantage Loan: If Freddie Mac, FHA or Fannie Mae deems your condominium non-warrantable, then you can enjoy financing with this loan.

At Huron Valley Financial, we strive to offer flexible portfolio loans that meet the needs of our clients. We understand every customer’s situation, so we work to ensure that they are able to get their dream homes with our reliable financing solutions. You can visit any of our branches to learn how we can help.