September 14, 2016

1st Nations Reverse Mortgage

MGruley headshot

Huron Valley Financial Announces Reverse Mortgage Division, to be led by Mike Gruley   

HVF is pleased to officially announce that Mike Gruley has joined Huron Valley Financial, Inc. as Executive Vice President of Reverse Mortgage Lending.  Mike is one of the nation’s foremost leading experts in the reverse mortgage industry.  Mike has led several reverse mortgage companies to become “Top 100” national companies in the reverse mortgage industry. To fully leverage Mike’s expertise in the reverse mortgage industry and to achieve our goal of becoming one of the top reverse mortgage lenders in the country, we have formed 1st Nations Reverse Mortgage, a division of Huron Valley Financial, Inc.

Reverse mortgages are probably the most misunderstood loan product in the mortgage lending industry.  With the aging of the Baby Boom Generation, we anticipate the reverse mortgage to become a widely accepted and far more common retirement planning vehicle for seniors and their families.  By forming 1st Nations Reverse Mortgage, HVF is demonstrating our commitment to the reverse mortgage business channel, and to educating and serving seniors, when a reverse mortgage is in their interest.